DECEMBER 2019  Vol.29 No.6

Shaping up High-dimensional Quantum Information
Astronomers Receive the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics
The Role of the Research Director (ERATO)
Department of Physics Inha University
The Department of Physics at Ajou University
A First-of-its-Kind National Conference Towards Gender Equity by ..
The 11th Circum-Pan-Pacific Symposium on High Energy Spin Phy...
Nishina Memorial Prize 2019
Heat Engines Using Small Quantum Systems
Hadron Properties in a Nuclear Medium and Effective Nuclear For...
Physics of Dense Matter -From Rare Isotopes to Neutron Stars
Experiments in Machine Learning of α-decay Half-lives
Vorticity and Dileptons from Heavy Ion Collision
Circadian Rhythms: A Mathematician's Error Notes
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