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Jun 2012 Attosecond Pulse Synthesis and Arbitrary Waveform...
Apr 2012 Highly Anisotropic Dirac Fermions
Apr 2012 Spin Damping Monopole
Feb 2012 Precise Magnetization Measurements by Parallel Sel...
Feb 2012 Systematical Effects on the Wilkinson Microwave An...
Feb 2012 Important Breakthroughs in Spin Caloritronics Stud...
Dec 2011 Few-body Bound States in Dipolar Gases and Their D...
Dec 2011 Enhancement of Magnetism of Fe by Cr and V
Dec 2011 Nuclear Mass Measurement for Very Short-lived Nucl...
Oct 2011 Baryonic Z' Explanation for the CDF Wjj Excess
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