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Photonics4All is a European outreach project funded by the European Union under one of the calls for Photonics Public Private Partnership (PPP). This outreach project aims to promote photonics and light based technologies to young people, students, entrepreneurs and the general public throughout the EU.

Why Promote Photonics? This project will improve the public image of photonics and increase public awareness of the importance of this technology, especially regarding current societal challenges such as health and well-being, safety and security. Strong European collaborations, based on cluster activities, are expected to increase the interest of young people, entrepreneurs and the general public in Photonics leading to a more qualified workforce and more young academics, more innovative applications and an increased awareness of photonics.

Photonics4All gathers partners from 8 European countries, enabling a wide European approach: Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum from Germany, Optics valley from France, Delft University of Technology from the Netherlands, OpTecNet from Germany, University of Southampton from UK, International Laser Center from Slovakia, Photonics-Cluster-AT from Austria, Institute of Photonics & Nanotechnology of the National Research Council from Italy and Photonic Sweden from Sweden.

A number of educational tools have been developed as part of the Photonics4All project: a Photonics App, a quiz, an animated video, bookmarks etc. to incite students to study photonics as well as to make known its applications and its uses to entrepreneurs and the general public. The tools mentioned below and developed within the project are open access and can be widely used by all people and organisations engaged in photonics outreach.

Photonics APP: consists of five modules (basic photonics concepts, ICT, Energy, Security and Health), which have been enhanced by a gaming and a quiz part, available on googleplaystore.

Photonics QUIZZES: The "ThinkPhoton! flash game" and a catchy cross-word. Test yourself with our quizzes which are available in several languages!

LIST OF TRAINING COURSES in Photonics: directed at students. Download our comprehensive brochure about study possibilities in the field of photonics in seven countries (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Sweden, and UK).

VIDEO: directed at small children. Watch this video and see how heroine 'Max' and her friend 'Lux' chase after the stolen cup!

REPOSITORY Create a business with Photonics!. It focuses on photonics technologies and related sectors with a regional focus on the needs of these industries. The brochure shows the importance of photonics in several countries including testimonials from companies specialised in this sector and provides an overview about the mature photonics technologies and photonics applications.

OMNILIGHT LABORATORY: this video showcases this edgy tool developed as a prototype of modular instrumentation for light-based scientific show, aiming to provide an interactive light laboratory for presentation and education of photonics in many related outreach activities.

Bookmarks explaining five different Fascinations about Photonics:

• How can Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) transform local food production?
• How does light make computers and phones smaller and faster?
• How can light replace a needle?
• How can light help solve crimes?
• Why do soap bubbles have color?

Find out more about Photonics4All: http://photonics4all.eu/


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