Research and Review
Tuning the electronic states and superconductivity in alkali fulleride films      by Ming-Qiang Ren, Shu-Ze Wang,
Sha Han, Can-Li Song, Xu-Cun Ma & Qi-Kun Xue
The successful preparation of superconducting alkali fulleride (AxC60, A = K, Rb, Cs) films using state-of-the-art molecular beam epitaxy overcomes the disadvantages of the air-sensitivity and ... More to Read

A quantum convolutional neural network on NISQ devices  by ShiJie Wei, YanHu Chen, ZengRong Zhou & GuiLu Long
Quantum machine learning is one of the most promising applications of quantum computing in the noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) era. We propose a quantum convolutional neural network(QCNN) ... More to Read

棺-Ga2O3 material properties, growth technologies, and devices: a review   by Masataka Higashiwaki
Rapid progress in 棺-gallium oxide (棺-棺-Ga2O3) material and device technologies has been made in this decade, and its superior material properties based on the very large bandgap of over ... More to Read


Research Highlights
Phase Diagram for Infinite Layer Nickel Superconductors  by Ariando
NUS physicists have developed a method to induce the transition of a rare-earth nickelate from their native perovskite form to infinite-layer structures. This allowed them to build a complete phase diagram of this nickelate superconductor. A superconductor is a material system that can conduct electrical current with zero resistance when it becomes colder than a "critical temperature", Known as the superconducting transition temperature Tc. Conventional superconductors usually have a Tc lower than the limit of around 30 K ...  
More to Read

The Noncommutative Values of Quantum Observables: A New Perspective on Quantum Physics   by Otto C.W. Kong
News and views
Citation for the 2021 (the 9th) Nishina Asia Award   
by Nishina Memorial Foundation
The Work Behind the Scenes for the First Ever Online Event of SSDM2020  by Keisuke Ohdaira
AAPPS-APCTP CN Yang Award 2021  by Fu-Jen Kao
The Physical Society located in Taipei - Recent Activities  by PS Taipei
AAPPS-DACG Workshop Report  by Bogeun Gwak and Stephen Appleby
2021 Nishina Memorial Prize  by Nishina Memorial Foundation
Prof. Syukuro Manabe and Climate Research  by Yukio Masumoto
He is like a child full of curiosity. With all due respect to Prof. Manabe as a senior leader of our research field, this is the impression I had when I first met him, having known him only through his papers for a long time. I am sure many people will agree with me. However, it is impossible to avoid Prof. Manabe's papers when we try to study how the Earth's climate condition, under a coupled atmosphere-ocean-land system, is determined and how it changes in the past, present, and future. He is such a giant in ...   More to Read

Celebrating the Works of the Founding President of AAPPS,
Prof. Chen-Ning Yang
  by Jinge Sun



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